German Listed Building Property Fund

  • Invest from just £10,000
  • Short-term invesment
  • Interest rates of 10% per annum plus 5th Year 10% bonus Assured Returns


Our SPV loans money from qualifying individuals in the United Kingdom. In return for the loan, the company provides the lender with a fixed interest payment. This arrangement is properly encapsulated in a legally binding loan contract between the lender and the company. All Investment Contracts and other associated documentation has been carefully created by lawyers in the UK & Germany and has been heavily scrutinised by our SIPP Providers.

The company uses the loan money to fund its work with German Listed Buildings. The Company carefully sources derelict buildings that require renovation. This is because, in Germany, the German Government offers a unique tax break to encourage German citizens to purchase renovated German Listed Buildings.

The apartments within the German Listed Buildings are sold off plan (before renovation work commences) through a well-established network of German sales agents. No German Listed Building project purchase is completed unless a Bank Mortgage is approved for the end German buyers. Development funds (i.e. the mortgage provided for the German Buyers) are released by the German Banks on a phased basis. This enables the agreed Interest repayments to be made to the Investors who provided the initial loan funds to the company at the outset.

Key Features

Guaranteed Returns

Receive double digit returns with both regular income and growth options.

Low Entry Level

Enjoy hassle-free property investment without the risk of full property ownership.

Investment Security

Asset backed investment with clear exit routes and security via a first legal charge.

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