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Our products are all carefully curated, high yield opportunities, many of which are exclusive to Imagine Overseas. We conduct truly extensive due diligence checks, and get to know our properties in depth before bringing them to our clients. We also offer stellar customer service throughout the lifetime of our clients’ investments, not just up until the deal closes.

We have more than 10 years’ experience as a company, and over that time we have developed an extremely wide net of contacts, including property developers, other agencies, and of course our clients themselves. Once we hear about something interesting, we investigate it thoroughly. If we truly believe it is up to our standards, then we introduce it to our clients.

Certainly. In fact, we strongly encourage you to speak with other investors in a property before committing, as part of our extensive due diligence service.

We do offer finance expediting for some of our developments, and have existing relationships with banks and mortgage companies in many countries around the world. Even when we don’t handle financing ourselves, we can recommend excellent financing opportunities. In many cases the developer has arranged special deals for financing, and that will be explained in reference to each property.

Our after-sales care is among the best in the world. Depending on the property and its details, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll liaise between the vendor, all of the solicitors involved, any finance brokers and of course yourself, to make sure the entire deal works out perfectly for you.

If any issues or questions arise after purchase, we’ll still be on hand. You see, we understand that if we can make sure you are completely happy with your investment, even after we’ve been paid, you are more likely to use us again in the future, or recommend us to your friends and family.

Literally all over the world. We are constantly looking for new, reliable high-yield properties and ‘the next big destination’. When we find something truly promising, we bring it to you no matter where we find it.

That all depends on the specific property you choose. Your return might come in the form of actual capital growth, or it might be long term income, or (ideally) both. As we offer a wide variety of asset types, asset classes, initial investment scales and options, we can’t make a blanket statement about your expected returns.

We can say that we choose only the most reliable, high value opportunities to our customers, and we will be happy to discuss each individual property’s expected (or even guaranteed) returns with you.

That depends on the property in question. There might be solicitor’s / attorney’s fees, stamp duties or other costs. All of these will be listed clearly in the material we present you – there will never be any ‘hidden’ or ‘surprise’ fees with Imagine Overseas.

Typically, we receive a commission directly from the developers of the properties for which we help find investors. In certain other cases, we charge an administration fee. If so, this will be fully explained in the documentation, and will already be factored into your expected or guaranteed returns.

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