6 reasons overseas investment in Cyprus is rising

By Alex Donnovan

Recently, Cyprus has become one of the most famous tourist destinations for tourists. But people don’t just come to Cyprus to have a fun time. They also come here to invest their money as well. In fact, the amount of property sales to foreign customers has exponentially increased in the past few months. But why does this happen?

An extraordinary lifestyle

Lots of people just get bored of the day to day life in their current area. They want to switch something in their life, and overseas investments in a country like Cyprus helps them stay away from monotony. As we know, this is a major issue for all of us. Being able to live in a country where there’s a lot of fun, great climate and a low crime rate can be a dream come true. Cyprus delivers all of that, so it’s easy to see why people are investing in properties here.

Excellent prices

Yes, Cyprus property prices are very good right now. Even if they are on the rise, you will still find prices that are much lower when compared to the rest of Europe. This makes it very easy for you to invest in here. Plus, depending on where you want to live, you will find properties that are extremely inexpensive. Combine that with the fact that the US dollar is strong, and you will be very impressed with the investment!

Cyprus is in a legal and economic recovery

Sure, a crisis can be dangerous for any country, but it’s magnificent for business. A lot of people are purchasing properties in here because Cyprus offers great benefits. You don’t have to worry about any legal conundrum; investments are easier than ever!

Great location

Obviously, Cyprus has a dream location. You don’t have to think too long about what location you want to have for your new home. Cyprus makes it easy for you in this regard, as the country is breathtaking, plus you are also very close to many tourist locations as well.

Golden Visas

Lots of wealthy buyers from China come to Cyprus, but US customers also end up buying lots of properties here. Citizen investment opportunities are very strong here.

New developments

Maybe the best thing about Cyprus is that it always has new developments appearing all the time on the market. Luxury apartments are widely sought after, but there are a plethora of other properties that are mainly interesting for the foreign customers.

One thing is sure, Cyprus is indeed one of the best places to invest money into at this time. There are just a plethora of opportunities to be found in the country. Plus, the prices are very good when compared to the rest of Europe. And if you want to move here indefinitely, just about all industries are seeing a healthy growth. So, this is the best time to move to Cyprus, which means that you may want to consider purchasing a property here!

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